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At Matom Communication, we tailor our approach to your needs. Based on shared values of respect and teamwork, this approach delivers the support you need through every phase of your projects. Our dedicated team, with over ten years’ experience, works with a network of professional partners to provide turnkey service. This means successful integrated communication campaigns built around multiplatform strategies.

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« Our team had the chance to collaborate with Matom on an all new project that launched last year : À Go, On Lit!
They were attentive to our needs and were able to bring the project to life within the delays. Their work was professional and met our expectations. So much so, that we can now say we are collaborating once again on the second year of the project. »
Annie Grand-Mourcel, Executive DirectorPartenaires pour la réussite éducative des Laurentides
« The support offered to us by Matom’s team in bringing to life multiples projects, was priceless! The communication, ideas and solutions delivered by Lydia and Julie corresponded directly to our needs and helped our organization flourish. The compassionate approach, the creativity and efficiency in their interventions made our collaboration easy going and so much more pleasant! »
Cynthia Kabis, Executive DirectorChambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Thérèse-De Blainville
« The team at Matom make outstanding partners. They know the Quebec market, and apply their insights to provide sound counsel, all with an eye to client success. »
Amy Laski, Founder and PresidentFelicity [Inspiring Communications]
« Our recent collaboration with Matom’s team met our needs nicely. The expertise of this energetic team allowed us to create an immersive digital strategy that brought us to our goals. Thanks to them listening and supporting us during multiple projects that we confided in them, we can definitely confirm that we want to continue our collaboration for future projects. »
Isabelle Lamarche, Marketing DirectorPlace Rosemère

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Matom is a team of communicators driven by boundless energy and a bottomless store of ideas. Working together enhances the strengths of all and ensures success in every project. We understand that swimming against the current is a losing proposition. But by joining forces and pulling together, we can successfully navigate even the most powerful waves.

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Lydia Juliano

Founder and partner

With her high-level energy and contagious good humour, Lydia’s Italian origins shine through. She’s an unapologetic foodie who believes in living life to the fullest, which for Lydia includes passions for travelling and downhill skiing. Her generous nature and attention to detail characterize both her friendships and her professional relationships.

After earning a law degree, Lydia chose to follow her heart and pursue her true passion: Communications. Her wide general knowledge, curiosity, and thoroughness are great assets to Matom. She is a natural leader driven by an insatiable thirst to excel in every undertaking.

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