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Much more than public relations

At Matom, we craft creative plans and strategies to put you in the spotlight! How? With innovative campaigns that empower you to make your message heard on all platforms: traditional, digital, and social.

We firmly believe that by using communication channels we can promote your products and services, build brand awareness, support your sales efforts, and strengthen your reputation. Our innovative communications provide the boost to get your message heard and reach your target audience.


“Team work makes the dream work” is a quote that we at Matom take to heart. We’re solution-oriented, and ready to do what it takes to put you in the spotlight. Because seeing our clients succeed is what drives us every day. From creating communication plans to crafting personalized press campaigns, our team will support your every effort and help you achieve your goals.

Media relations

In our era of overconsumption, advertising is everywhere and inescapable. How can you ensure your new products or good news get all the attention and visibility they deserve in this crowded landscape? Simple: talk about it. But to whom? And how? As seasoned public relations professionals, we know how important it is to create authentic conversations with your target audience. Well-orchestrated media relations are an art that must be thoroughly mastered to achieve your objectives.

Influence marketing

You have surely noticed that marketing offensives built around influential public figures have become integral to the global communication strategies of many major brands. Our team can handle all your influence marketing campaigns, whether you are promoting products or services. From finding the right influencer or spokesperson to creating content and negotiating agreements, we leave nothing to chance!

Crisis management

A crisis can arise at any time, with potentially devastating consequences for the image of your company, as an individual, and as a brand. The good news is that, when handled swiftly by professionals, a crisis can soon blow over. If the situation is contained quickly, your company’s reputation will remain intact.

Organizing media events

Matom’s strong network of partners equips us to successfully orchestrate your most important events. We see to every detail to provide turnkey service, for a personalized event concept that precisely meets your communication objectives.

Community Management

On social networks, everything happens in real time! That’s why you need to pay close attention, react swiftly, and always send the right message. Our team can handle this ongoing task, allowing you peace of mind.


Our team creates compelling communication materials of all kinds. These include internal documents and public communications for wide-ranging needs and situations:

  • Press kits (press releases, media invitations, fact sheets, etc.)
  • Speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Internal communications (memos, internal newsletters)
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