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Julie Deschambault

Founder and partner

Julie is driven by twin passions for communication and for well-being. Her love of exercise recently led her to running. She is a natural athlete who constantly strives to achieve balance in personal and professional life.

In university, Julie completed a bachelor’s in Communications: a fitting choice for someone who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and has dreamed of a career in public relations since she was a girl. Julie thrives on challenges, and is constantly looking to expand her horizons. She combines her creative energy with Lydia’s to oversee Matom’s event and project management operations.

Passionate • Driven • Creative

Lydia Juliano

Founder and partner

With her high-level energy and contagious good humour, Lydia’s Italian origins shine through. She’s an unapologetic foodie who believes in living life to the fullest, which for Lydia includes passions for travelling and downhill skiing. Her generous nature and attention to detail characterize both her friendships and her professional relationships.

After earning a law degree, Lydia chose to follow her heart and pursue her true passion: Communications. Her wide general knowledge, curiosity, and thoroughness are great assets to Matom. She is a natural leader driven by an insatiable thirst to excel in every undertaking.

Rigorous • Energetic • Honest

Karine Cabral

Community Manager

Karine’s unbridled creativity never ceases to amaze us. In her spare time, she loves DIY projects, creating unforgettable dessert arrangements, and taking photographs.

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, Karine puts her multiple talents to work for Matom’s clients. As a content creator and community manager, her role is to make you shine on social networks. With meticulous care and strong listening skills, Karine has a gift for capturing your essence and presenting it in the best light.

Inventive • Knowledgeable • Results-oriented

Emilie Caron


Emilie is a dedicated hiker, runner, and skier. She loves nature and animals, and is equally obsessed with Ricardo recipes than by her dog Shelby. Known as someone always ready to speak her mind, it’s no surprise that she ended up working in the field of communications!

After earning a bachelor’s degree in public relations at UQAM, Emilie recently joined the Matom Communication team as coordinator. She actively supports the team on a daily basis to ensure all ongoing projects are receive the necessary attention.

Expressive • Thorough • Outgoing

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Matom Communication
45 Saint-Joseph Street, Suite 205
Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec  J7E 4X5

Matom Communication
45 street St-Joseph, bureau 205,
Sainte-Thérèse, J7E 4X5.
Québec, Canada